I attended a conference yesterday and one of the hot topics and issues cited as being likely to get bigger (and rightly so) is that about being ethical about our food and considering its nutritional value, its packaging and its waste. This article highlights a scheme that is happening this Saturday.

In keeping with this theme and reducing waste, last evening I stewed some going off apples and made some muffins with them. Really easy to do and they are great for lunch boxes. They may not be very healthy, but they do contain fresh fruit, I know exactly what the kids (and the grown ups) are eating, and they are delicious. It was really easy to do too. Just stew the apples with lemon juice, a splash of water and some agave nectar. Make a simple cake recipe and add in the apples before adding cinnamon and self raising flour to make the right consistency. Divide between cakes cases and cook for about 16 minutes.

The picture is of a crumble I made a few weeks ago with past their best apples, so the options are endless. You don’t have to throw food away and you can freeze the stewed apple to use later if you want to.

If you want some advice then please let me know.